Welcome to the Heavy & General Laborers' Vacation Fund of New Jersey

The purpose of the Vacation Fund is to provide vacation benefits for all participants in the bargaining unit who work under the Local Unions 472 and 172 Collective Bargaining Agreement, and for whom contributions are made to the Vacation Fund. Each Employer shall contribute to the Vacation Fund for each hour worked by each employee covered under the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Each participant will have an individual account set up which reflects contributions received from each employer of the participant. These accounts will be administered through the Heavy and General Laborers’ Locals 472 and 172 Welfare Fund of NJ. Appropriate payroll taxes on the Vacation Fund contributions are deducted in the following manner: the Vacation Fund contributions shall be added to your gross pay and all appropriate payroll taxes deducted from said gross pay. After all necessary payroll deductions are made the full amount of the contributions will be forwarded to the Fund’s office and applied to your individual account.


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